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Prime Drinks

How prime hydration drinks became so popular


When Logan Paul, one of YouTube’s biggest stars, tweeted about "hydration drinks," he probably didn't expect to spark a debate about whether his endorsement was good for consumers or not. But that's exactly what happened. While some people praised the YouTuber for raising awareness about drinking water and electrolytes, others were concerned that his recommendation would lead to an increase in consumption of sugary drinks marketed as healthy alternatives. Although the controversy over hydration drinks is still raging on Twitter (and elsewhere), it's important to understand how this trend began—because there's no doubt about it: hydration products are here to stay! Teaming up with KSI, Logan Paul has now released his own brand of hydration drinks: Prime Hydration.

Logan Paul and KSI might have made hydration drinks popular, but it's a trend that has been building for a while

You may think that Logan Paul and KSI are the reason hydration drinks have become popular, but that's not the case. The real reason is that they were already on the rise for some time before these two influencers decided to endorse them.

Studies show that people who drink more water have better skin and hair (and other parts of their bodies), so it makes sense that consumers would want to buy products related to hydration as part of their daily routine.

Hydration drinks can be used in different ways: you can drink them from a glass or put one in your coffee or smoothie if you want some extra flavor. You can also use it as ice cubes—the options are endless!

Hydration products were popular before they were endorsed by Logan Paul and KSI

Hydration products were popular before they were endorsed by Logan Paul and KSI.

In the summer of 2018, Logan Paul posted several videos on his channel demonstrating his love for hydrating drinks. He also mentioned that he was using a particular brand of hydrating drink in his videos and that it was helping him recover after workouts and fight training. From the comments section, many people talked about how much they liked this brand as well.

KSI has also been known to use these kinds of products in his videos when he trains with friends or does cardio workouts at home as part of his fitness routine (especially after getting injured earlier this year). These influencers helped create awareness around these types of products which led to an increase in sales throughout 2018-2019; however, despite their popularity before then, most people did not know what exactly hydration drinks were or how beneficial they could be until now!

The market for hydration drinks saw a boom in 2018

  • Why people are buying more hydration drinks

There are a number of reasons why the market for hydration drinks has boomed recently, including:

  • Consumers are being more mindful about their health than ever before. As a result, many people look for ways to improve their overall well-being and wellness, which often includes drinking more water or juices that contain no sugar.
  • The demand for convenience is on the rise. If you're busy and trying to juggle multiple things at once, you might value having a product that's easy to grab from your fridge rather than making sure you have time each day to get in your daily recommended amount of fluids (which usually requires several glasses).

Is drinking electrolytes good for you?

Electrolytes are minerals that help your body function. They're important for hydration, but if you drink too much water without electrolytes, you could become dehydrated. Drinking electrolytes can help you stay hydrated and prevent dehydration.

Too much of anything is not good for you—even if it's something as simple as drinking too many B vitamins could lead to serious health issues like liver failure or brain damage. The same goes for overhydrating: drinking too many electrolytes can cause some serious problems like vomiting and diarrhea (which may sound fun when they’re part of an episode of Fear Factor).


Hydration drinks have become a huge industry, and that's due in part to the celebrities that have endorsed them. But remember, these drinks also have their roots in traditional Asian culture. The trend of drinking electrolytes has been around for centuries—and it looks like it's here to stay!

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