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Boylan - Shirley Temple

Boylan - Shirley Temple

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Delightfully cool and sugary sweet, quench your thirst with this Boylan Bottling Co. Shirley Temple. A tribute to the classic non-alcoholic beverage created in the 1930s, this distinctive Shirley Temple soda combines ginger ale with cherry to deliver a delightful taste reminiscent of one's childhood, with an equally enticing fruity aroma and rose color to match! Plus, it is caffeine-free and made with pure cane sugar to provide a smooth, full-bodied flavor with a satisfying fizz and clean aftertaste. This soda is excellent for outdoor catered events, picnics, or at your pool-side concession stand for a refreshing way to stay cool in the summer heat. 

You can even use this soda to craft a Shirley Temple float when poured over ice cream for a unique beverage to serve at your sweet shop! This old-fashioned flavor can become a signature drink, or a nostalgic menu option to treat your guests. For best results, serve this soda chilled or over ice to accentuate its high quality taste.

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