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Fanta - Jasmine Peach (China)

Fanta - Jasmine Peach (China)

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Fanta Jasmine Peach is a popular and refreshing soda in China that offers a unique and tantalizing taste. This beverage is made with natural peach flavoring, infused with the fragrance and flavor of jasmine flowers, giving it a sweet and floral taste that is perfect for any occasion. Each 16 oz bottle is carbonated, providing a satisfying fizz that complements the peach and jasmine flavors. In addition to the delicious peach and jasmine notes, this drink also features a mystery flavor that is sure to keep you guessing. Perfect for sipping on a hot day, pairing with a meal, or enjoying as a sweet treat, Fanta Jasmine Peach is a must-try for anyone looking for a unique and refreshing soda experience. 

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