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Flipz - Churro Covered Pretzels

Flipz - Churro Covered Pretzels

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Take your tastebuds on a ride with the exciting taste of Flipz State Fair Churros Pretzels. These American snacks offer you sweet and salty satisfaction with the warm taste of cinnamon.

Made to resemble a churro, each Flipz pretzel is expertly seasoned with a sweet cinnamon sugar churro flavour. Finished with a delightful drizzle of rich milk chocolate. Before you even begin to eat these pretzels, the intoxicating scent of cinnamon will deliciously fill the air. The aroma of a hot and fresh churro is so enticing! 
The extra touch of milk chocolate perfectly completes this snack. Each pretzel offers a crisp and crunchy texture, and the flavours come together harmoniously, creating a crunchy churro flavour.
Have your very own fair with the Flipz State Fair Churros Pretzels!
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