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Fritos - Chili Cheese

Fritos - Chili Cheese

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Frito Lays has been producing us our favourite chips since 1961!

Fritos Chili Cheese will remind you of a hearty bowl of warm chilli with its addition of flavourful spices and cheesiness. Awaken your tastebuds with this new delicious flavour, while the satisfying taste of Fritos corn chips will have you on the hook!

Did you know? The original Fritos recipe comes from a Mexican cook named Gustavo Olguin, who perfected the corn chips by frying masa dough; turning them into golden crisps of deliciousness. The Fritos name was likely inspired by the Spanish word "Frita", directly translated to "fried". The Frito Lays company assures the perfect flavour by working with Texas farmers to develop their own special hybrid corn variety. Taste the goodness when you try any flavour of Fritos! 

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