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Kit Kat - Churro Bar King Size

Kit Kat - Churro Bar King Size

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Filled with the warm and bold taste of cinnamon, the Kit Kat Churro is what dreams are made of! This limited-edition chocolate bar is made to echo the taste of the famous Churro.

As you bite into this American chocolate bar, your hungry lips will meet a layer of smooth and creamy white chocolate infused with the sweet fragrance of vanilla. You'll delicately crunch on thin layers of airy wafers and a filling of a rich and buttery Churro-flavoured creme.

Each bite is filled with textures and flavours that are sweetly satisfying. The scent alone will make your mouth water in anticipation. The taste of this Kit Kat Bar is simply incredible!
Feel the wonderment of deliciousness with the Kit Kat Churro Bar!
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