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Kit Kat - Salt Lemon

Kit Kat - Salt Lemon

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KIT KAT Salt Lemon is perfect for summer with a salt made of the Seto Inland Sea, one of Japan’s most salted areas, with white chocolate mixed with a refreshing smell and light acidity lemon powder grown in a mild climate. These limited edition Kit Kats originally were released on June 24th in Japan, and highlight the local ingredients of the Setouchi region (Japan’s top citrus growing region), mixing lemon and white chocolate along with the light, sweet-tasting salt of the Seto Inland sea for a refreshing snack. Salt and lemon are a popular summer flavor combination in Japan and the region of Setouchi is famous for both. The salt is meant to replenish the salt you lose when sweating, while the lemon gives you a refreshing mouthfeel. It is characterized by its taste.

Limited Edition.

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