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Leninade - Mexican Cane Sugar

Leninade - Mexican Cane Sugar

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Red Russian Leninade ( Ленинад ) uses not too subtle word play and Sovietisms both in its name and its labeling, all aimed at poking fun at the kind of communist propaganda seen in the bygone days of Soviet Russia.

It's a bright red soda-style lemonade, sometimes called Red Cola, delivered in a retro old-style long neck glass bottle that has an intriguing and unique taste.

Light and crisp, its refreshing, both in its flavor as well as its tongue in cheek humor! You could down-it on a swelterin’ hot day! It's sorta’ lemonade soda, with a background of strawberry and maybe a little bubblegum too. Also made with cane sugar

Now that it has got past Checkpoint Charlie., you’ll want to get your hands on some soon.

Leninade: ‘Putin’ a smile on your face.
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