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Peppa Pig Gummy UK

Peppa Pig Gummy UK

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Step into the playful world of Peppa Pig with these Pink Vegan Gummy Sweet Bag! These adorable, fruit-flavored gummies are not just a treat for your taste buds but also a treat for the planet. Here's why they're a must-try:

🌱 Plant-Based Goodness: These Peppa Pig Gummy Sweets are proudly vegan! They've replaced traditional gelatin with potato protein and pea protein, making these gummies a compassionate choice for all.

🐷 Peppa Pig Shaped: Dive into the adventures of Peppa Pig and her friends with these fun-shaped gummies. Each bite is like a little playdate with your favorite characters.

🍓 Fruit-Flavored Joy: Enjoy the delicious flavors of real fruits in every gummy. From strawberry to apple, these gummies are bursting with fruity goodness.

🍬 Perfect for Every Occasion: Whether you're planning a Peppa Pig-themed party or just want a fun and guilt-free snack, these gummies are the answer. They come in a generous 175g bag, perfect for sharing or savoring solo.

🌈 A World of Sweet Imagination: Fuel your little one's imagination with these Peppa Pig gummies. They're a hit with kids and adults alike, making them a sweet addition to any snack time.
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