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Sow Good - Freeze Dried Gummy Worms

Sow Good - Freeze Dried Gummy Worms

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Once gummy now crunchy thanks to the freeze drying process! Just sweet enough and big enough to supply your sweet fix without all the guilt. Our crunchy worms are a perfectly lightweight, flavorful and airy treat.
And because they're more packed with flavor, expanded in size and last longer, you won't need as many to satisfy your craving!

There are lots of ways to enjoy freeze dried gummy worms.

Here are just a few ideas:

    • Have a few worms as a snack to curb those sugar cravings
    • Add the leftover crumbs to your yogurt, ice cream, or even soda for a crunchy twist.
    • Since they have a 25 year shelf life, you can stock up on a few bags and keept hem in your emergency food supply.
    • They also make great snacks for a fun movie night or road trips
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