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Van Holten - Warheads Sour Dill Pickle

Van Holten - Warheads Sour Dill Pickle

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This Van Holten's Pickle is ready to knock your socks off! Van Holten's Jumbo Sour Dill Pickle Warheads is a collision of two incredible things. Warheads and Pickles!

Experience the greatness all in one exceptional bite. This green goodness is a jumbo-sized crunchy pickle that is doubly delicious, made with the cringe-inducing, sour sting of the legendary Warheads Candy. Open it up and bite to experience the jumbo flavour of a savoury dill flavour with a big hit of sour. It's refreshing and satisfying and is unlike any Van Holten's Pickle you have ever tried!
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